INTRAL's Code of Conduct provides the framework and the guidelines to act ethically and legally, and to do the right thing in every situation. We believe that transparency and steadfast integrity are the foundations to supporting our ICC.

We encourage you to raise a concern when you see a situation in which our Code of Conduct is not being followed. If you know of, or even suspect, a violation of INTRAL's Code of Conduct, or a violation of any law or auditing matters, you should report the issue.

INTRAL offers several channels for raising concerns. You can choose to speak to someone about a potential integrity issue or put it in writing. Usually, your supervisor or manager will be in the best position to resolve an issue or event.

Confidentiality is respected and you may even choose to remain anonymous. However, if you identify yourself, we are able to follow up with you and provide feedback. Your identity and information will only be shared on a "need to know" basis.

By demonstrating ethical business practices, respecting every individual and improving the world around us, we build trust and a stronger resilient supply chain.


Please provide information as follows:

Location (physical address) where incident occurred :
City :
State :
Country :
Note: You will be invited to disclose your identity, which shall be kept confidential and revealed only to the persons in charge of the investigation, except in cases of malicious intent from your side. No attempt will be made to determine your identity through electronic means; however, providing your contact information may help expedite the investigation. 
Do you wish to remain ANONYMOUS for this report?
What is your relationship to INTRAL?
Please identify the person (s), group, department or partner organization engaged in this behavior:
Did you notify a manager or supervisor of this issue or event?
Were any actions or resolutions implemented?
What area of the INTRAL Code of Conduct has been breached?
Please provide the timing this issue or event occurred?
How long do you think this problem has been going on?
How did you become aware of this issue or event?
Describe the incident. Please take your time and provide as much detail as possible.
Note: Threats or acts of retaliation against individuals who make a good faith report of suspected inappropriate conduct pursuant to INTRAL's Code of Conduct will not be tolerated. 
If you would prefer to speak confidentially to a manager at INTRAL, please call us at: + 1 617 439 5843
Once we receive your report, we will conduct an investigation in line with our policies. INTRAL is committed to investigate all allegations of breaches of our Code of Conduct raised in good faith and through appropriate channels.